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Hey, Nana?

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Name:Nana fans unite~
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A spot dedicated to Nana and its fans
This is a community for NANA (ナナ) fans to
come together and share information, updates, thoughts, graphics,
and more Nana-related stuff. Anyone is welcome to join!

Now, for the rules:
•All posts should be Nana-related. This is a community for Nana, after all.
•Disagreements happen. Just be sure to tone it down when things start heating up. We want to keep this a friendly and safe community. No flamewars.
•For long posts or large images, please be considerate to those watching the community and use a cut.
•Speaking of cuts, any spoilers whatsoever should be under them. Not everyone's a lifer.
•As always; have fun :)

Interests (23):

anime, black stones, blast, drama, hachi, hachiko, layla serizawa, manga, movie, music, nana, nana komatsu, nana osaki, naoki, nobuo, reira, ren honjo, romance, shin, shinichi, takumi, trapnest, yasu
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